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nfl point spreadsUpdated In October, 2017 - NFL point spreads are one of my favorite ways to bet on football. A point spread on an NFL football game is an easy way to wager money. You really can't go wrong with betting the spread. You don't have to have any inside information or do any research to receive great odds with NFL pointspread betting online. The key difference between a point spread wager and the other types of bets is that you can blindly place a wager at random and your odds will not change much. There are no favorites or underdogs in football pointspread betting. Well, technically there are but the point spread evens things out. The football team that is expected to lose gains extra points to make them more evenly matched. The best strategy for point spread betting on the NFL during the 2013 - 2014 season is to find the mistakes made by the sportsbook. I will go into NFL point spread betting strategies and tips on this page. First, who offers the best point spreads on the NFL in 2013? Obviously online sports betting sites that accept Americans are the best places to bet on professional football. The top US sportsbooks for the National Football League are covered below. These sports books have better than average point spreads, odds, lines and payouts.

the best U.S. sportsbooks for nFL pointspreads bets in 2013

Some restaurants give you more food than others. Some sportsbooks give you more points than others too. There are three USA sports books that consistently offer better NFL pointspreads than all others. These sports betting sites for US citizens are the most popular for any kind of sports wagering but they do specialize on NFL football betting and spreads are their most popular type of wager. These three US friendly bookmakers also pay out much quicker than other books, have more betting options, better lines, bigger bonuses and better promotions. The NFL pointspreads at Bovada sportsbook are commonly considered the best available online in 2013. Bet Online and Top Bet are not too far behind them. Mobile NFL football betting and live in-play NFL betting is available at all three bookies.

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NFL Point spread betting tips for the 2013 - 2014 football season

nfl spread betting tips 2013The best way to approach NFL spread betting is to bet on the spread, not the teams. Online sports books do not create point spreads that truly reflect the expected outcome. Handicappers and bookies simply want an equal number of dollars wagered on each outcome. Sportsbooks charge a small fee on spread wagers - usually 5%. If there is $500,000 bet on Team 1 but only $300,000 on Team 2 the sports betting company had $200,000 at risk. They create spread bets that will generate an equal amount of action. If the Detroit Lions are playing the Chicago Bears and after reviewing all of the data it is determined that the Bears will win by 7 points the book doesn't put out a spread like Bears -7, Lions +7. The NFL point spread they end up listing will be based on expected betting volume, not the expected result. If the book feels that a +9 spread for the Lions will generate an equal number of wagers they will give the Lions 9 points. If you can spot when the lines to do match the reality of the situation you can win a lot of money with NFL spread betting. Here are some tips for novices to NFL point spread betting.

NFL spread betting at online sports books in 2013

The first thing a sports bettor needs to do is to create an account at 2 or 3 books. Why do you need more than one account? Because the point spreads on NFL football games will be better at Bovada one week and BetOnline the next. These books compete with each other. By holding accounts at all three sportsbooks you will be able to shop for the best NFL pointspreads available online in 2013.